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ABU Zaria: Five Faculties That Have Abolished First Class Degree


An ABU Zaria student is ahead of you naturally, they say. Perhaps they are ahead in a few things but, certainly, not on the issue of results. First class degrees are rare in public universities where lecturers glory in their ability to fail students. For ABU, this is one aspect they lag far behind. Here, we bring you five faculties that had abolished first-class degrees. More or less

1, Faculty of Art

The Faculty of Art leads in this sadism. They are so bad that second class upper degree has become so rare it is celebrated. History department followed by the Literature section of English department lead in this area. They sometimes graduate a whole set with no one getting 2.1. Archaeology, Arabic and Hausa departments are not this bad in that they graduate an average of five 2.1 a year. Theatre Arts, French and the Language arm of English are the easiest departments to make 2.1. Which means they sometimes graduate a dozen 2.1 candidates.

It is not that bad. It is worse.

2, Faculty of Law


3, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Studies


4, Faculty of Social Sciences


5, Faculty of Public Administration


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