Hands up if you have seen people arguing about Private Universities in Nigeria? Well, chances are that you’ve seen people who openly debate about life in Private Universities where students are regulated by time and strict policies. But what do you know about Bowen University? Here are all the facts you need to know.

Bowen University: All The Facts You Need To Know


Chances are high that you have seen people debate about life and the merits (or lack of it) in Private Universities where students are regulated by time and strict policies. You probably count up to a hadful of privaten-owned universities in Nigeria. What do you know about Bowen University? Here are all the facts you need to know.

1. The University is founded in honour of Rev. Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is a name that rings so many bells in Nigeria especially when you talk about Education and Christianity. In 1850, he arrived in Nigeria, and he was the first Southern Baptist missionary in the area. He loved the people and the people loved him.

In 1853 he settled at Ijaye, present day Oyo State, and with the assistance of his American colleagues established other stations in Yorubaland especially Abeokuta. He became an erudite Yoruba scholar of high repute, publishing a dictionary and grammar of the language after his early retirement due to poor health. There was no better way to immortalize him than to establish an ivory tower in his name. Bowen University is owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.  The University is the first Baptist University in Africa.

2. You will need a visa to leave the campus

You never envisioned this, did you? To leave the campus of Bowen University requires a Visa. No, there’s no embassy in the school premises except if you consider the campus as Nigeria and outside Canada. And it’s not easy to obtain, this visa making leaving the school environment very difficult. 

To succeed you will need to meet several officials who will interview you and if your reason for leaving the campus isn’t congent enough, your visa (request) won’t be granted.

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Even when the permission is granted, you will be timed. Although, the students, frustrated by this once revolted violently against some of these policies, nothing has changed. 

It is a private University and life must be private, not public, it seems.

3. Chapel attendance is compulsory irrespective of religion

Call it morning devotion or morning assembly you may not be wrong. In a University where religion is more important than education, this might not call for public outcry. However, it is important for anyone to know what they are subscribing to. All students must be in chapel attendance every Tuesday, Thursday, and twice on Sundays. This is mandatory for all students regardless of your religion, and skipping any chapel service calls for a suspension. This is not big news in Nigerian private Universities owned by Churches.

Covenant University, for one indulge in similar practices. The sudents also need to attend compulsory morning devotions and night devotions where they sing and clap like with the fervency of prayer warriors.

4. In Bowen University, your Dress code is more a very important aspect

Your body is the temple of God. This is one mantra Bowen University is taking for granted. To them, appearance has an unconcealed bound with character development and learning. Bowenites, as the students are called, don’t wear jeans, you only appear for classes in shirt, trousers and ties and no no hairdo that is out of the ordinary. The university is responsible for character development and students are expected to dress in utmost decency within the school environs.

Bowen University is not alone in this. Almost all private universities owned by churches lay so much, most times undue, emphasis on dress code. In Covenant University owned by Living Faith Church, a student who wore an afro hairstyle was once forcefully given a haircut at the school gate before granting him entrance. There are stories, far more than the handful that make it to mainstream media.

5. 80% Class attendance is a Prerequisite before you write Exams

Exams are big deals but school attendance, for Bowen, is a deal of equal status. While every citadel in Nigeria has seventy percent attendance as a requirement for sitting for examination in every course, this is nominal. On paper. In Bowen, it’s eighty percent and they follow it through. No eighty percent, no exam.

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