Inaugurated on November 18, 1995 at the Eko Chinese Hotel on Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, Daystar Christian centre have undergone different stages of Church growth and development.

Daystar Christian Centre: Five Fast Facts


Inaugurated on November 18, 1995 at the Eko Chinese Hotel on Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, Daystar Christian centre have undergone different stages of Church growth and development. From the Eko Chinese hotel on Allen Avenue Ikeja to Coker Village, Alausa down to 71, Kudirat Abiola way, Oregun, Lagos, the Church has transcended regions, establishing many businesses and commanding a large number of Worshipers. Here are Five Fast Facts about the Church.

1. It was Founded by Pastor Sam Adeyemi and his wife Nike

Pastor Samuel Adesanya Adeyemi is many things but first he is a Christian. The former Rhema Chapel met his wife Nike Adeyemi who was working in the Rhema Chapel where he was pastoring then. (Perhaps the Lord spoke). Pastor Sam moved to Lagos with Nike and they founded the Daystar Christian Centre.

Like everything that begins small, the Church had early rough starts but Pastor Sam never despised the being the founder of one the biggest Churches in Lagos today. According to him, there were times it was difficult to pay Church rents which led to the owner of the facility he was using to interrupt a Church service. But these were days of little beginning and he never despised them. Pastor Sam has grown to become a Leadership Coach, a radio and TV host, an author, a motivational speaker and a powerful teacher.

2. Daystar Christian Centre is more than a Church

Most 21st century Churches in Nigeria run more than Church services. However, one cannot decipher if it’s a church doctrine or a business model. The Church is the owner of Pneuma Publishing Company. Pneuma Publishing Company is an information resource management company which sells Christian books and audio messages. However, as the ministry kept growing, the account books became more balanced and equipment were acquired for Pneuma Publishing company to start publishing Pastor Sam’s books and also see to its distribution. The Church is the owner of Success Power Limited. An information servicing company.

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In 2002, Daystar Christian centre founded the Daystar Leadership academy which is the school arm of the Church for anyone aspiring to be a leader. The School admits people who are not members of the Church and it offers basic certificates on Courses like Personal Transformation, Success Habits, Leadership, Leadership Development, Financial Management, Project Management, Organizational Growth, Entrepreneurship etc.

3. Daystar runs Services on Saturday

In a cosmopolitan city like Lagos where most Church goers work on Sundays, Daystar Christian Centre took that into consideration and started running a Saturday service to accommodate people who would be working on a Sunday. The Saturday service which started on April 7th 2018 starts by 6 pm in the evening and ends by 7:15pm. The Daystar Christian Centre is always innovating and tinkering to be ahead of other denominations. The Saturday service is first in history in Nigerian by any Pentecostal Church aside the Sabbath Worshipers.

4. The Church has a unique view on Tithing

The tithing controversy which was championed by controversial OAP Daddy Freeze was a much discussed topic on the internet in 2017. Many Pastors and General overseers dived into the topic and among them was Pastor Sam. According to Daily Post, Pastor Sam views tithing as an Old Testament doctrine. “Since we are under a new covenant, giving is a choice. Everyone should decide the percentage they want to pay with the knowledge that you will be blessed based on how you give.”

The Cleric has gone ahead to advise his members to give if they want to. However, his Mentor Bishop David Oyedepo, Founder and President of the Living Faith Church (Winners) thinks otherwise. Oyedepo said in one of his messages that people who don’t tithe their one tenth can’t be qualified for the blessings of God.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the G.O of the Redeemed Church of God who is also a mentor of Bishop David Oyedepo said according to Pulse, “Do not let anybody get you into trouble by attracting God’s curse to yourself, please pay your tithe”.

However, the Daystar Christian Centre does not reject tithes but they don’t force their members to pay.

5. They Organize back to School Projects for kids

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, believes that the value of any church is measured by its impacts on the society where it exists and not the built cathedrals. From this his believes birthed the idea to distribute school materials to pupil’s in order to enable them get back to school. Every year, the projects keeps expanding and the turnout has been amazing. In 2017, the Church distributed over 20,000 school items to kids. Perhaps this is one way the Church is showing its commitment in raising World Leaders.

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