Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards: Five Lesser-Known Facts about the Star


Frank Edwards is a household name in the country’s music industry as a whole and arguably gospel music best-known art having won virtually all awards for the category including Song of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, and Best Vocal. Born on July 22, 1989, as Frank Ugochukwu Edwards, in Enugu, the artiste came from a modest family and had to hawk for his mother at some point to help put food on the family table.

Most of the information relating to Frank Edwards is common knowledge. There are, however, a few things about the musician you might not have been aware of. Here is five of them.

1, He only wanted to take a picture with Don Moen

In 2016, the joint album between Edwards and Don Moen Frankincense. This is a milestone for Frank as it was the first and only African collaboration of the music legend Don Moen. How did Frank pull this off? He didn’t pull anything, he didn’t even try; he only wanted a selfie with the superstar. To his amazement, Don Moen recognised him immediately and called his name. Amazement moved to shock for Frank when Don Moen brought out his phone and began to play Frank Edwards’ songs. Right there, they booked an appointment in Frank’s studio for the collaboration.

Frank Edwards and Don Moen

All he wanted was a photo but ended up singing with Don Moen in two continents and having the American sing in Igbo.

2, He just got American visa in 2015

Frank Edwards came into limelight in 2008 when he released his 14-track album, The Definition. But it took him seven years to get American visa, this only when Don Moen wanted a collaboration with him in Nashville. Before then, Edwards had been rejected by the embassy and carried his “I don’t know, they just refused me” story for many years.

3, He is multi-talented with instruments

Frank’s singing capability sometimes make it impossible for many to see that the other talents he possesses. He plays the keyboard. He plays the lead guitar. He plays the bass guitar. He plays the flute. He plays a part in the career of many musicians locally through his studio (Rocktown) and in the continent through the studio he co-founded with Don Moen and serves as the vice-president.

Likes attract… 2Baba and Frank Edwards

4, Pastor Chris played a role in his rise

Before his album came out Frank Edwards never sang before two people nor led a rehearsal. It was in Pastor Chris Christ Embassy that he first stood before a crowd to sing. Frank Edwards himself admitted that the pastor helped him by giving him the opportunity which became his turning point, saying that: “From that night, in fact, my Facebook page was jammed and the story has not been the same.”

5, He is worth 600 thousand dollars

Although Frank Edwards has come out to clearly state that he is not in gospel music for the money, that his songs are instruments of his ministry of preaching the word. “If you are a gospel minister,” he said, “you have to know you are in a ministry. If you are in it for the money, you may be disappointed.” Frank Edwards, however, pointed out that one might make money in gospel music in the long run.

He might not be smiling now, but if he looks at his bank statement…

Well, it seems the star is in his “long run” for according to this site, he is worth 600,000 dollars. It is unclear how they arrived at this amount. There are sites that put Edwards’ net worth as high as one million dollars. They might be pulling these figures from the air but 600 thousand dollars, an amount bordering the regions of a quarter of a billion naira has a stronger claim to the likelihood of his net worth.

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