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God is Good Motors: Five Random Facts


God is Good Motors, now styled GIGM.com, is a transport company founded in the 1990s, headquartered in Benin City with more than twenty destinations. How well do you know about this company? Here are five random things you should know about the company.

1, God is Good Motors is totally a family business

The company was founded by the couple Edwin and Stella Ajaere in the early nineties. They started with one 14-seater bus that plied Lagos and Benin City with the inscription “Good is Good”. It became a full-fledged company in 1998. Twenty years on, the company has remained closed to outsiders as the management is made up of only members of the Ajaere family.

There are four members of the board of God is Good Motors. They are:

Mrs. Stella Ajaere, President;

Chidi Ajaere, Executive Chairman;

Uche Ajaere, Director;

Chima Ajaere, Director.

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2, It has few destinations in the north

God is Good Motors ply destinations in all the geopolitical regions in Nigeria excluding the North East; and in more than ten states of the Federation of which only two states are located in the north, that is without counting the Federal Capital. The two northern terminals are in Jos, Plateau State and in Kaduna. Of the 31 Terminals they own, 11 of them are in Lagos, four in Edo State; and Abia and Delta States each having two terminals. The whole of the north has six terminals with four of these in Abuja.

3, God is Good Motors Company is modern

This is something the company has above most companies in the transportation industry. They try to run the company with modern facilities nearing state of the art level. You can book a ticket online and be assured of it. The terminals have a look of an airport; in fact, some of the airports in Nigeria would be honoured to be run and have the appearance of a Good is Good Terminal. The vehicles, more than 500, are sound, airconditioned with enough leg room and the additional comfort of DVD and audio players. They move at a speed limit of 110.

God is Good Motors
God is Good Motors Terminal

4, God is Good Motors is an award-winning company

Since 2011, the efforts of God is Good Motors have not gone unrecognized in the industry and in the media. They have won awards such as Most Valuable Transport Company, Transport Company of the Year, Best Land Transport Company, Most Innovative Transport Company in Nigeria, Institute of Transport Administration Nigeria (IOTA)’s Award of Excellence in recognition as the most efficient and consistent road passenger transport company of the year 2014 etc.

There is, however, no record of any awards the company won since 2016.

5, GIGM.com is more than just a transport company

Besides transporting people, God is Good Motors is into courier services across the cities they transit and even beyond the shores of Nigeria. This service is covered by their subsidiary GIG Logistics. This department also carter for general logistics for retail and corporate businesses.

GIG Group has a joint venture with Oya.com.ng in which they provide special bus charter the Jet Van Luxury Travels. It is called a jet not just for the sake of appellation. It is a jet in every aspect except it is on land. Look at the featured image above. It is paradisic. Bulletproof, adjustable sitting-sleeping chairs, airconditioned, WIFI service, driven by a captain (this is how God is Good Motors) refer to their drivers.

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