JIJI: Five Things that Made the Company Popular


Jiji is good at a lot of things: as an online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together, they spend so much budget on advertising; providing other services including job updates. According to their record, it has over 800,000 ads, attracting over 160,000 sellers and 7 million original users per months as at January 2018. But where the company truly excels is its advertising/marketing. You will find it pretty hard seeing another online marketplace that does marketing like Jiji. It would be quite a surprise if there is anyone anywhere in Nigeria who hasn’t heard of Jiji; in fact, most of you probably have purchased a mobile something from them.

So how did Jiji reach the pinnacle of the online marketplace world and become so popular? It wasn’t because of their button of posting free ads(which is good). Jiji dominates the online marketplace because of their brilliant advertising strategies which made them popular. Here are five of the reasons why the company is so popular.

1. They have everything

What kind of phones do you need, do you like gadgets so much? One of the things that made the company so popular is the power you have to make your choice amongst the plethora of quality products you can find on the stores. These products are of top-notch quality from fairly used cars to fairly used cameras, video games, real estate. Just go to jiji.ng and take a look.

2. Their advertising Is powerful

Many established companies have rather timid advertising campaigns, preferring to rest on their laurels and history of success. Jiji is not one of those companies. Instead, it is constantly tinkering, innovating and pushing the envelope to create ads people will talk about. From Jiji’s earliest days, they have been creating ads, on social media, billboards, BRT buses, Radio jingles and Youtube ads. These Ads makes an impression in the minds of millions of Nigerians and we all know the more the ads the more the popularity and the more buyers and sellers unite.

3, Their brand is unbeatable

Take a look at Jiji’s slogan: Sell faster, buy smarter. It’s been the same for the few years they’ve been in business. In other for your brand to be popular, company owners need to tell stories, for example, why they started a business, what are the brand’s values, what was the owner’s inspiration. Also, Jiji gives sellers the opportunity to tell their own story too, like a story describing the specifications of the product that is up for sale.

These unique stories connect very well with customers giving them the knowledge of what they are about to purchase.The power of a story/ message is perhaps best demonstrated when people buy cars. If an item comes with a message, this imparts a greater and deeper value.

4. Their policy is supportive

Jiji’s companies’ policy is not rigid but one that favours buyers and sellers which instills confidence that the buying experience will be fun and painless. Remember when you used to meet people in dangerous places to swap phones or to buy phones which didn’t always end well? Jiji’s policy is clear, NEVER PAY BEFORE PURCHASE ( It is even in bold letters al through; you can’t miss the import and urgency of the message). Try to meet at a safe, public location, Check the item BEFORE you buy it, Pay only after collecting the item. They make it clear your safety is paramount.

Also, customers love it when a favorite company goes the extra mile to show its appreciation. Jiji introduced a free button of posting ads. This is like someone giving you a shop without collecting rent.

The company’s policy allows her to be popular by turning people into brand advocates because the customers will know that they are dealing not just with a serious business that is honest and diligent but one that they can rely on

5, They connect with the community.

Jiji increased their popularity and recognizability, by tapping into the online community surrounding an online marketplace and interacting with buyers and other sellers as much as possible. They used Social media as an avenue for this sort of engagement, and some basic ideas include the following:

Re-targeting Customers who abandoned a purchase at some point. Mobile marketing advertising, engaging with customers who post pictures of their products on Instagram.Connecting with influencers on Twitter by following, retweeting and sending direct messages.Share buyers’ and sellers’ purchase stories on Twitter and Facebook. And so much more.

Want to buy or sell a product? Jiji is there for you. You sell faster, you buy smarter.


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