Joseph Omo Ebhodaghe is among the Nigerian gospel singers whose voice dances on the staves and soothes spirits. The way the singer turns everything into a song, one must be wondering if he sang first at birth. The Edo born Nigerian gospel musician has grown to become a concert delight, a choir director, and a songwriter.

Joe Praiz: All The Facts You Need To Know


Joseph Omo Ebhodaghe is among the few Nigerian gospel singers whose voice dances on the staves and soothes spirits. The Edo born musician has grown to become a concert delight. How well do you know this Joe who is into gospel “Praize’s”. Here are all the facts you need to know.

1. He was raised in a family of 9

Being raised in a large family is somewhat career twisting. If your parents were not the taskmasters and mission makers your siblings could be the deciders of everyone’s general direction in life.  Joe Praiz was born into a family of 9. Perhaps, being raised in a big family has nothing to do with what he has made out of himself, but to become successful out of a struggling family of 9 in Nigeria, you’ll need to have 9 lives.

His parent’s enthusiasm for procreation vastly outstripped their budget. With each new sibling, the meals got thinner and breakfast would be eaten as brunch. But people who were raised in a larger family learned more self-sufficiency and parenting skills than more pampered peers, just that you’ll grow up hungry and angry because you get the same meat portion as the others.

2. He is an award winning gospel artiste

Awards are not usually associated to gospel artistes in Nigeria. Most people believe that the reward of such musicians, like that of teachers, is in heaven and with this belief most churches don’t pay their artistes not to talk of giving them awards. But Joe Praiz is among the few artistes who changed the face of gospel music in Nigeria. His song “Mighty God” launched him into stardom and the song has millions of YouTube views.

In 2010, he won the song of the year award at the Prestigious Love World Award for “Mighty God”. Recall that Love World the media arm of the Christ Embassy Church has been a blessing to many youths with Frank Edwards and Sinach being part of their project.

Joe Praiz has also won other awards which includes the Best West African gospel singer award held in the UK in 2011, he won another Love World Awards in 2011 for Worship song of the year, best artiste of the year at the Crystal Award Nigeria, best gospel singer at the COSON awards Nigeria. In 2014, he was honored with a special recognition award in Believers Love World Australia. Joe Praiz is global now.

3. He has a music recording label called Coast to Coast

We can’t tell if the name of his music label was inspired by 2pac Shakur or Westlife but he is coasting with his label. The music director once said that the sole aim of his music label is to discover talents and manage them as well.  This is Similar to what Steve Crown seeks to do under his own label Lake Light Entertainment, helping young artistes express their musical talent.

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From obvious indications, Joe Praiz’s Coast to Coast records has been a success, thanks to the amazing tracks it has churned out over the years.

4. He gave his life to Christ at the tender age of 5

Joe Praiz said he gave his life to Christ in 1991 and as of then, he was only 5 years old. At the tender age of 5, young Joe has known Christ when his mates were scrambling for biscuits and sweets in the Children’s church.

This is not dissimilar with what we hear of celebrities when they become famous. Some started playing drums in their mother’s womb, some ate their mother’s hymn book aged two. There are tendencies to exaggerate. Entertainers are human.

Well, what is important is that Joe said the sinner’s prayer more than 27 years ago and he is still waxing strong in his faith, proving he is in the industry as a minister and not just for business.

5. Frank Edwards is not his rival

Fans like to compare successful artistes all the times, the comparisons most times, in the Cristiano and Messi fashion, is to see who is better. Joe Praiz in an interview with the Punch was asked if he sees Frank Edwards as a rival and he said frankly that Frank is not his rival.

“If there is any form of rivalry, I would tell you. If an artiste is doing well, you must appreciate him or her. You must also acknowledge the fact that God has given you a voice that is being heard around the world. If you throw the same question to Frank, he might answer you the way I do”.

Both artistes have shared the same stage and ministered together. The two are in good time as Frank Edwards attended the former’s wedding in 2017.

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