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Ladun Liadi: Five Facts You Need To Know


When blogging is mentioned in Nigeria, more often than might be admitted, subconsciously, Linda Ikeji comes to the mind of most people. She might be the biggest blogger in Nigeria, she however, has rivals. Worthy rivals. One of them is Oladunni “Ladun” Liadi. You might not have heard about her which is perhaps a reflection of how interested you are about blogging and not an indication of her level of popularity. Now that you’re here, we have a few facts about the blogger you need to know.

1. She was once sued for 500 million naira

In 2013, one Nicholas Okoye of Anabel Group which he chaired sued Laidi for libel. Ladun Laidi was sued in a Lagos High Court, in Igbosere, over a publication purportedly uploaded in Google. Also included in the suit was Google Incorporated and Google Nigeria. When brought to court, the lawyers of the defenders respectively filed applications challenging the jurisdiction of the court to hear the case and asking that the name of Google be struck out of the suit. The claimants filed counter application, for interlocutory injunction requesting the court to put a stop to further dissemination of the publication.

it is unclear whether anything came out of this suit. Indications favours its continuation. However, the fact that Ladun Liadi was sued for a half a billion naira is a pointer to the size of her blogging.

2. She blogged anonymously

Ladun Liadi’s blog came into existence in 2010. For the next four years only the name Ladun Liadi was known about her as she remained in the background, seeking to be the behind the limelight than share in it. She came out in January 2014 after she posted a vlog on YouTube. She spent nearly half of the time laughing and shaking her head. It wasn’t the best of videos, nor a performance to put on the shelf. It happened. She revealed her face, thanked her fans for keeping her in the market even going as far as mentioning some of their names. And these are the things that mattered to most of her fans.

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The era of anonymity has passed. Every big blogger is out on the scene. There is obviously more to gain by being known. Her coming out enabled her entry into the world of endorsements.

3. Ladun Liadi was a brand ambassador for Skye Bank

Bloggers and endorsements rarely go hand in hand. Musicians, actors, comedians and sportsmen are the kind of celebrities that seem made for the world of endorsement. It is, thus, a big deal when, in 2015, Ladun Liadi broke the news on her blog that she had now signed up to represent the image of Skye Bank. She reported it so on her blog: “The Skye Bank campaign is about celebrities talking about how they made it from zero to hero. Myself, Ice Prince and another CEO were used in the campaign. I am the only female and it was tough because a lot of big names came up, but I made it. It’s a one year deal and it runs into millions. we are shooting the TV commercials this weekend.”

This post turned out to be the most popular post of the blogger as it was besieged with comments of congratulations by her readers, fans and well-wishers.

Ladun Liadi
Ladun Liadi and Ice Prince

4. Her blog was once hacked

In early 2013, Liadi’s blog, was hacked and accessed denied its users. It is alleged to have been hacked by a certain DExters TheBoss. According to information garnered on nairaland, this hacker or group of hackers did it for fun, just to demonstrate that Nigerian blogs had weak security. They equally threatened to hack other bloggers, singling out Jide Ogunsanya of as a future victim.

5. She is not that rich

Sued for 500 billion, signed for a year by Skye Bank, Ladun Liadi is not swimming in naira. And this is not about human’s insatiability. According to a blog iDONSABi, Liadi’s net worth is 21 million naira. This is poor in blogging standards when placed side by side the fact that the likes of Linda Ikeji, Noble Igwe, Uche Pedro and Ovie Ofugara of are above or within the curves of one billion naira. 21  million naira is poor.

The blog did not, however, include the indicators they used to arrive at this figure. For all the fuss, this figure might be one plucked from the air and plastered on the internet. It might be true, it might be close, it might be wide off the mark. As an indicator, if this is a fair estimation, then Liadi has faired poorly on the money side.

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