Tinsel lovers know Linda Ejiofor best as the sarcastic blunt Bimpe on the DSTV MNET series, but when the cameras are down she becomes a lady who loves to stay indoors, curled under the sheets and watch movies.

Linda Ejiofor: Five Facts About The Star


Tinsel lovers know Linda Ejiofor best as the sarcastic blunt Bimpe on the M-Net series, but when the cameras are down it reveals so many shades of Linda Ejiofor. How well do you know the light-skinned diva? Here are five facts about the star.

1. The star abandoned a diploma in theatre arts to study sociology

When Linda completed her primary education at Ilabor Primary School in Surulere, she went to the University of Ibadan to pursue a diploma in Theatre arts but her stay in that citadel was cut short by her father who, as of then, vowed that none of his children would make a living on the screen.

The rumours of how the movie/entertainment industry is in Nigeria is filled with rot, especially how women were exploited sexually before giving them an acting role might have played a major role in Linda’s father sentiment against acting.

Linda obeyed her father, left Ibadan and proceeded to study Sociology at the University of Port-harcourt. However, Linda won’t give up on her talents, she kept going for auditions until she landed her first screen job and might have handled it with such dignity that she won her father over. Linda in one of her recent interviews said in this regard: “Tinsel has made my father to see that acting is not such a bad thing. People learn from it; people learn from their mistakes through actors and I learn from people through acting too.”

This is what she says and we believe her, although her bank balance might have helped woo her father to her professional side.

2. A friend urged her to attend Tinsel audition

After graduation, it seems that Linda already knew what she wanted to do next. The Isuikwuato (in Abia State) indigene went into modelling, part-time. First, she modelled for an antiseptic product during her undergraduate days and was keen to follow that path until a friend convinced her to go for M-NET audition of the series Tinsel and it was in Tinsel that Linda ew-ignited her old passion for acting. The actress hasn’t looked back ever since.

Linda has amassed recognition in the industry. In 2012, Linda played her role in The Meeting so well she got her nominated for best actress in a supporting role, AMVCA and Best Rising Star (female), Nollywood Movies Awards both in 2013. She was nominated for TV Actress of the Year award at the 2014 ELOY Awards.

Linda, besides acting, has worked with a lot of music and movie heavyweights like Clarence Peters when she made a cameo appearance in Wizkid’s “Pakurumo” video.

3. Linda Ejiofor is a shy person

The mouthed character in Tinsel is actually a shy person in real life. How could this be? one would wonder. But you know a good actor by how easily they can who switch roles effortlessly. The Linda Ejiofor outside the screen is not anything like her Bimpe alter ego. Perhaps this is how she escapes the media circus. “I’m kind of an introvert when you first meet me. I don’t talk and I don’t smile. I’m always sitting down and watching my environment. I’m more of the watcher; I sit back and watch people,” she said.

Hello HBO, are you guys auditioning for a female Night Watch in Game of Thrones? Linda can watch the North of the wall.

4. The actress prefers snickers, flat shoes to heels

Thinking of getting Linda a gift? We have a clue of what you may give her. She is single, after all. Make sure, however, that you are God-fearing and with a good amount of sense of humor as these are among the top qualities she desires in her man.

These boxes ticked, you may get her the actress nice looking shoes as she said in her interview with Punch that she will never be caught wearing wedges. Well, this is not a big surprise as the actress grew up behaving like a tomboy. A personality she ditched to answer the modelling call.

5. Linda Ejiofor used her first salary to buy shares

What some people do with their first salaries vary a great deal. Some people first salaries go to the church as first fruit, some are given to parents; some, still are taken by the significant other. Linda’s first salary went to Flour Mills who at the time were asking the public to buy shares. Everyone wants extra incomes, the offers were tempting so she bought a stake in the company. Unfortunately, she never heard from the company again.

Is Linda heartbroken by the fate of her first earning? Don’t bet on it?

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