Maheeda: Five Times the Nude Model Broke the Internet


Maheeda, born on November 22, 1982, as Caroline Sam, also known Goddess of X, is a popular figure on the internet. Her early life had not been smooth-sailing for her. She never met her father, her mother died when she was still an infant and, by thirteen, she was homeless and making a living the erotic way, these resulting in her conceiving and birthing her daughter, Divine Sam at seventeen.  She is married to a Dutchman and successfully manages her marriage and her music career (whatever is to manage). When she has free time, she sets the internet ablaze.

1, When She Confessed her Sexual Urges for Mayweather

On August 2017, after Floyd Mayweather Jr knocked McGregor out in the tenth round to win the much-touted fight and extend his undefeated record to 50-0, as felicitations, analysis, reports, taunts, banters beseeched the internet, Nigerian ex-gospel singer and nudist joined the circus by calling, on Instagram, for a match with him in bed. “Oke daddy now let’s do the main match in bed… @floydmayweather #fantasy #winner.”


For many who thought this was just social media banter, Maheeda proved the contrary when she told the Punch this: “Mayweather is the type of man I like. I like them strong, determined and focused, and he looks like a man that would know how to treat a woman well in bed. Contrary to what people think, I’m not after him for his money, I just want him to give me some good loving. And I’m sure he would also enjoy the experience with me.”

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He didn’t enjoy it. One can only enjoy what they tried. An Igbo adage says the best way to conquer alcohol is with the power to say no. Perhaps the boxer reads Chinua Achebe. Perhaps he doesn’t do married women. Perhaps Maheeda was just one of the thousands of women willing to throw themselves on his bed and he can’t sleep with everyone. We can’t swear on any of these. One thing we’re sure of, Maheeda was curved. Big time.

2, When She Continuously Went Nude and Calls Herself Born-Again

Maheeda used to be a gospel musician. Not anymore. Obscurity might have played the major role. But she isn’t completely done with the Christian faith as she continually says in interviews that she is a born-again Christian. The claim started in August 2012 when she wrote on social media: “I want to use this medium to inform all my fans out there and those who love me that I am now a changed person and no longer the old person I used to be. God has finally taken over my life and I will continue to sing His praise.”

Well, she stayed off nude pictures for the rest of the year then the devil took charge in the New Year and Maheeda returned to her nude ways. She took the internet by storm (so much that she was banned in Instagram before the end of the year). With stuff like this:


And this:

Sign of victory

And this:

Three points

The acts of a born-again Christian? She explains: “I don’t have a problem doing what I do but I think it’s because of my job and I know most Christians would not understand.” Then she went ahead to insist that God has her back and loves her above her indecency. “If you see God as a father and he sees you as a daughter, He would not because of your indecency want to ruin you or kill you. That is how I see God. He understands me.”

Why does she post these things? Because the attention works for her.

“I really believe that Nigerians—even though they try to act like they don’t like sexuality—they do. And that’s why I give them what they want.” As for her husband, his support for her is total with just one condition. “He said to me, whatever you do, I will support you. Just don’t put the ‘main thing’ out there.”

3, When She Posed as a Catholic Nun

In November 2013, Maheeda broke into the sacred. She posted photos dressed in the outfit of Catholic nuns with the caption, “Holy X. Yep, I am holy.”


This didn’t go down with millions of Nigerians, some of whom took the trouble of calling her out. Bitch and all the synonyms of slut were hurled at her. Maheeda wasn’t done.

4, When She Reveals Her Love for Sex and Masturbation

In April 2017, speaking to Linda Ikeja’s Blog, Maheeda confirmed what many already suspected about her, she is hot in bed and desires sexual intercourse to the point of addiction.  “I always say I love sex,” she said. “I’m addicted to sex but honestly I can do it anytime as much as 6 times in a day as far as there is food and a little bit of drink.”


When she is unable to have her urge quenched, she goes for plan B, masturbation.

‘I like to masturbate too. You know my husband is not always around, he’s a businessman so most of the time I’m alone. For instance, I’ve been in Nigeria alone for about 2-months and I’ve been masturbating the hell out of myself.’

5, When She Dragged a Man Who Slum-Shamed Her

In June 2016, Maheeda stormed the timeline with a justifiable rant. A fellow whose messages she screen-grabbed and shared online had sought her attention but when she refuses to pay heed he cussed her for her nudity. He got her attention and her wrath. “Motherfucker,” she cursed him, followed by “hypocrite” to him and to the fools who dare support/defend him, before assuring them of a place in hell.

Shut up

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