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How To Make Love To A Virgin: Five Ways

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Is she a virgin? Have you tried to make love to her before and failed? She cringes when you get close and begin to cry? And you turn lovemaking to consoling match? You are not alone in this. Here, we bring you five ways to love a woman for the first time.

1. Don’t drug her

The temptation to do this will be high. She might even suggest it. Don’t go this way. Nothing is beautiful like watching her melt with desire and hear her moan with ecstasy. It is her first time, she deserves it. If you drug her, she is consciously not disvirgined. The second time, she might recoil. Not to talk of the many sides effects associated with this route.

Forcing her is another route you might be tempted to ply. Forcing her rape and you shouldn’t rape no one. It is just the first time, it doesn’t matter. It is love making and force is not one of the attributes. The only time force is permitted is when she moan, harder, then you hit harder.

2. Prepare her for it

Drop hints here and there. “Can’t wait to make love to you until you call your grandfather’s name.” A bad line, whatever. Just let her have clues of the D-day. People don’t prepare for sex but this is not a random sex. It is her first, ceremony is allowed. The fact that you need prepare her shouldn’t mean you should give her a fixed date. “Let’s make love on Sunday.” If you fix a clear date, she might grow cold feet and back out, or she might come to you a nervous wreck. Let it be “one of these days.”

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One other reason to be loose with the date is for your own sake. If you have it in your mind that you will finally make love to your dream girl, you open yourself to a frustrating disappointment if she disappoints on that day. And her chances of not doing it that day due to many reasons, not all obvious, are high. So tread with a long time frame and never see any opportunity as the last. If it is meant to be, it will be.


3. Pamper her all the way

This is important. You might start well, kissing, cuddling and making her moan and ask for more. But once you pull off her panties, she might trip and cool off. Let her know it is her virginity to give to you. Don’t rush her. Tell her sweet thing. Tell her sex is the most beautiful way to express love. Tell her once you enter her, she won’t remember her name. Tell her that intercourse is the unification of your souls. Tell her you will be gentle and she deserves to give her virginity to a man who loves and respects her body. Go full poetry. If you are done talking you can use your voice. Wash the plate. Men who give women oral sex have three times more chances of penetrating her.

If you play your game well she might even beg you to do it. Then you can tease her and have her beg harder. It is all about passion.

4. Avoid making her nervous

This is one reason you shouldn’t have a fixed date.

Besides making a timetable off this, avoid acts that would trigger her back to full consciousness. Your goal is to romance her and build her to a state of subconsciousness where your prick is joy. Saying the wrong word could bring her back to reality. Not just your word, your tone and body language are two other aspects that could temper with the flame you have painstakingly built.

Some of your acts are a no, no, such as looking for a fresh clothing to protect your bed sheet from blood or removing the bed sheet entirely. You can always wash this off. But if you are that afraid of blood, then perhaps you are not ready to love her. For the first time.

I see you

5. Be very, very patient

Patience is golden when dealing with a sexual novice. You have to be kind and loving to put her in the mood and you need a lot of patience to guide you. You are going to make lobe to her. It is all yours, she trusts you enough to admit she is a virgin and willing to let you have it. She has waited more than twenty years to do this. She chose you. Don’t throw it away with the wrong move, a bad word or by giving up. Admittedly, girls differ. Some decide to do it and do it. Others continually put one leg into the stream and put it out. Unsure. Hold her hand and lead her across.


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