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How to Make Love to a Woman: Five Areas to Concentrate on

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I fucked her. Why fuck when you can make love? Why should it be a transitive verb when it can be a mutual act full of tiny waves of electricity, the suspension of existence and an act of extreme joy, a promise kept and a promise for another day? How to make love? We will guide you by showing you five areas you can concentrate in on her body, for maximum bliss.

How to Make Love: Areas to Consider

1, The Breasts

How to make love

The breast is one asset that has drawn (and drown) men to the sexuality of women since Adam. Well, we are not sure about Adam. But for a long time, the boobs have enchanted men and kept them electrified on bed. Although so many men love breasts, few know what to do with it.

It starts with your tongue. No, not licking. Talking. Compliment her. Some ladies are not comfortable with their pair of apples, some, even, are ashamed of showing it in the light. Put her at ease by complimenting her bosom. No, don’t use archaic lines like, “This is the best pair of breasts I have ever seen” or “This is the biggest breasts in Kaduna State.” Well, it might move her but you can’t bet on it. Be original. Try something like: “I like the way your breasts stand with confidence. I have always looked forward to seeing your bare breasts, it is even more beautiful than the picture on my head.” Bla bla bla. The right words will put her at ease and even arouse her.

Then use your eyes. Researchers have shown that staring at a woman’s breasts for a long time will make her feel more desired and appreciated. Stare.

Then use your nostrils. Run your nose on her breast and just breath on them. Introduce your mouth by blowing the breasts. Then kiss her breasts. Not sucking, just kiss at different parts of the breasts. Avoid the nipples. Just work all over. Then begin sucking and licking and nibbling, gently. The nipple is where the juice is, but the areola, the dark part around the nipple, has even more sensation in them. Wet the nipple with your mouth, then begin to lick the areola, going round and round the nipple without touching them. Your hands come last. Use your palms to massage her breasts, cup it and rock it gently and increase the speed as you work.

Things to note

When working on a woman’s breasts. Watch her reaction. Some like it gentle, some like it hard; to some, massaging does it, while others like cupping and rocking. Watch her. Listen to her reaction. Change your act if you sense she isn’t feeling it and increase the gear when you feel her writhing with happiness. Talk to her. Don’t ruin it. Small, sweet. “Baby, this is so much joy.” Tease her. Once you know what she likes most, beat around that bush. If it is her nipple, remain busy at her general breasts and kiss the nipple and leave it alone. Let her anticipate. If anticipation doesn’t kill her, the pleasure of the act will.

Neglect not the other breast. Love them and treat them equally. Equal play for equal work.

Generally, most men love big boobs. The bigger to them, the better. Science has other ideas. Big boobs have fewer nerve endings than small ones because the muscles that coordinate sexual waves are overstretched in larger glands. Your attention is most needed with sized ones. Watch and listen to see what she likes. The part of the breast near the armpit has been suggested as the best area to please a large breast holder.

How to Make Love: Areas to Consider

2, The Mouth


If there is one thing women appreciate more than men do, it is kissing. A research reported by, says as much as fifty percent of men can have sex without kissing. On the other hand, only ten percent of women can consider sex without kissing. Women attach a lot of intimacy and emotions to kissing. Now you know, so when next you want to please your babe, think of her mouth.

No, not in the line of receiving oral sex. You want to make love to her, give her pleasure, satisfy her. So, consider these parts of her mouth.

First, her lips. Next to the genitals, the lips are the most sensitive part of the body. There are more nerves on the lips than even the breast possesses. Oh yeah. Kissing is, for many people, the first point of sex. They get her going then move their foreplay to other parts of her body. No, don’t do that. Remain on the lips, suck it, use your lips to rub hers, smack it; give her lips a small bite with the teeth (you can even bite her lips with yours). Breath on her lips. Use your tongue to dance teasingly around her lips.

Then the tongue. Brush her tongue with yours; rub it with your lips, suck it, nibble it; don’t let go.

There are many ways you can do these. Gently, roughly and moderately; with your lips half-closed, or half-open, open, or wide-open. You shouldn’t kiss in silence, bro. Moan, sigh, puff and mumble sweet nonsense.

How long should kissing last when it is part of foreplay for sex? If you are going to have sex the missionary way, the kissing match will continue during sex so you can afford just 15 minutes of kissing before going southward. Otherwise, as much as half an hour of kissing is good. Again, it depends on the girl. If she is not so into kissing, move to the chest after a respectable time and ravage her.

How to Make Love: Areas to Consider

3, The Face

How to make love
Face to Face

Sometimes, you don’t go south immediately. You can go west/east or even north of the mouth. One cool place to explore on her face is her ears. The earlobes have the most sensitivity but never dwell on it too much. The inside of the ear is equally sweet. Suck her ears, lick it, breath on it and whisper sweeties in them.

The nose, the cheeks, the chin, the forehead are other parts of the face where you can score points. You may even combine the face and the mouth. Or the face and le boobs. If her breasts are her strongest points, you can interrupt working on it and go play on her face just to tease her, just to increase her anticipation, or just because you can.

How to Make Love: Areas to Consider

4, The Body

That is anywhere other than the breasts and the face – and the South. You can start with the neck. Massage it, stuck it, kiss it, suck it and breath hard on it. Her back, too, has enough current to keep her twitching if you press the right tabs. Most especially the small of her back, near the bottom. This is where the nerves for her vagina and co come from. So when handled well, it can set fire on her genitals. You can start by massaging the back of her shoulders, then run the tips of your fingers on the hollow of her back before settling for the back and begin the game.

The nape of her neck. When you work on this area very well, you get one result – goosebumps all over her body. Her buttocks too are one place you can score points. Grab it, squeeze it or caress it, anyone that works for bae, or if all move her, all.

There is one way to give her body fuller attention. Let her lie on your body. In that way, you can kiss her face while your hands are free to work on her back, laps, hips and bum; there is also freedom to kiss and nibble at her neck. If she is pressing you too hard – some breasts weigh a ton – then you can lie side by side her and work on her.

Watch her as you pleasure her body. At what part of the body did her breathing become heavier or did she twitch or increase her moaning? Take note of these parts and dwell more on them.

How to make love
Familiar Spirit

How to Make Love: Areas to Consider

5, The Vagina

Reserve this for the last.

When we talk about the vagina, we mean the full package. The clitoris, the g-spot and the V-section itself. Every road leads to Rome, they say. This is the Rome in the body of a woman. No hurry in life. Whoever made this statement probably didn’t have sex in mind but it doesn’t matter. No hurry. Take it easy. Slowly. Before you get here make sure she is already wet and bubbling for the main thing. Don’t rush into the 18-yard box with your penis. There are three things you can use for/on/at the vagina and the penis should come last.

a, Your Finger

You can start by palming the inside of her thighs and the lower section of her belly, just before her genitals. Stall, tease her. When you finally get to the heart of the matter, don’t dip your finger inside like you want to taste soup. No, caress the walls of the vagina and get in gradually as she gets wetter. If she is already wet from all the works upland, you can get in sooner. The nerves in the vagina are only two inches deep so there is no need for deeper fingering. Keep it top.

The clitoris. This bae has two times more sensors than the whole penis. Press the tip of your finger on it and stimulate. Gentle then harder as her groans increases and her juice drips. Don’t stand like a pole on one section. Move your finger than the full length. Move it sideways. Use the little finger then the middle one then the thumb. Use the back of your finger too. Then two fingers, three, four! Not all in there, of course, one or two in there and the rest around them. Sigh.

(Just be sure you have no nails.)

b, Your Mouth

This is where she is going to scream to heaven. Increase the volume of your home theatre if you live among the righteous. If you care. Otherwise, hit on. Use your tongue to lick the walls and sides of the vagina. Then get your tongue on the clit. Place the tip of your tongue on it and leave it there. The muscle on your tongue will drive her crazy. You can even penetrate her with the tongue and fuck it. Or you can play lip service, using the lips to brush, nibble and tap things.

c, Your Penis

When the penis comes in contact with the vagina love is consummated. But contact is not for penetration alone. You can give her clitoris penis massage, you can use the penis to tap the vagina. If she is ready and expects you to go in, don’t. Play around the bush until she begs for it. When you put it in, you can remove it immediately and dance some more. Do this for two or three times before finally penetrating. At this stage, even Rochas’ status will be screaming.

Then hammer. If she is wet enough she doesn’t need it gently. Hammer is the right word. Be careful, however, the more you hammer, the more likely you will come. You don’t want to fail her after all those foreplays. Control your hammering. Better still, let her be on top. With your penis pointing at the ceiling, you have blood moving away from the head of the cucumber. It will delay the Coming. Another advantage of her being on top is that she will hammer you as much as she desires it.

Watch her though, she might reach orgasm, come then fall ungatherably.

What is missing in this last section of how to make love? A picture of a vagina? Your sense of overconfidence is touching.


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