The story of Oriflame Nigeria is an incredible story or should that be a raft of stories that change from minute to minute, not all of them joyful though. For the few years, it has been in Nigeria, it has made some people joyful entrepreneurs while it has made others broke entrepreneurs with empty promises

Oriflame Nigeria: Five Things We Know


The story of Oriflame Nigeria is an incredible story or perhaps a raft of stories that change from minute to minute, not all of them joyful. For the few years it has been in Nigeria, it has made some people joyful entrepreneurs while it has made others broke dreamers. Want to know more about Oriflame Nigeria? Here are the five things that we know.

1. Nigeria is it’s Youngest Market

Oriflame is a cosmetics Swedish company operating in more than 64 countries including Nigeria. Nigeria is one of its most populous country and its the youngest market for almost any commodity in the world. When Oriflame Cosmetics started its one major goal was to keep expanding to markets that are not too difficult to penetrate. In a country of over 170 million people, Oriflame has enjoyed success in Nigeria with many sharing their success stories of how they became entrepreneurs overnight, and rich thereafter.

2. Oriflame Nigeria is an MLM

It is possible you may be wondering if this is another Ponzi scheme like the MMM, No. However, if you lost your money in the MMM Ponzi scheme you probably won’t be overjoyed with any abbreviation that has more than one M in it. Oriflame is an MLM (Multilevel Marketing). And multilevel marketing works in different ways. An MLM Company often involves recruiting people into a program to stay under your and you earn a commission when they make a sale. They do get people signed under them etc.

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Generally,  MLM companies are everywhere and in almost every industry. The reason people are always interested to join an MLM company is based on a “hope” that they can make money fast and with little work. The Oriflame Nigeria is structured in a way that you as a consultant will earn a certain percentage of commission from different levels of your network.

3. Oriflame Nigeria is not a Ponzi Scheme but it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success

Remember how a friend introduced you to an MLM scheme with the promise to get you out of the rat race? Large bank accounts, traveling stories that make the head to swell.  Well, such promises are always a selling technique for marketers not only on the Oriflame business. Oriflame though legitimate, doesn’t guarantee an automatic success. Earning commissions is the meat of the business and not so much people climb to that level except of course if you have the flame.

The higher you climb the more commissions you are able to rack up from the distributors below you. It is a number’s game. It is the survival of the fittest. It is not everyone that is good in direct selling, it is only the strongest players who survive and reaps the reward the weakest ones either start using the products they supposed to sell.  Unless you are one who would go against all odds to achieve success, you shouldn’t be in this opportunity.

4. Their Products are not suitable for many

While Oriflame products may look too easy to sell, the truth is that most of their products are not suitable for most users. There are plenty of stories of people who reacted negatively to their different cosmetics and there are people who also gave positive reports. This is the dilemma of buyers. Which one should you listen to? Who can you trust? In the end, it’s all about skin texture. While some people experience negative effects after using their products, some people don’t even feel any difference at all after using the product but choose not to speak up because they might be marketing it as well. People who have abandoned their skincare kits to visit a dermatologist is on the rise. Different strokes for different folks.

5. It organizes specialized training courses through Oriflame Academy

Not everyone possesses selling skills and the compelling tone to convince people to part with their money for a product they are not crazy about. Oriflame Nigeria knows this, hence they organize a lot of training for their members. The Oriflame Academy oversees, e-courses, audio lessons, videos on YouTube, PowerPoint presentations and Skype training. This is carried out to ensure that rookies can become professional within a short period of time.

These trainings, of course, are no guarantee that people will be sold on your pitch. The secret, many claim, to enjoying success in Oriflame Nigeria is to recruit a lot of people under you and also to see it as a side hustle because selling the products requires patience which is not what you are told at the beginning.

This is Nigeria. Be wise.

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