Ozone Cinema

Ozone Cinema: Five Random Facts You Need to Know


Ozone Cinema is a cinema in the heart of Lagos. The 619-seater luxurious cinema with its four-screen, multiplex and state of the art features, is one cinema many love to go to. And to talk about. So here we bring you five talking points of the cinema you need to know.

1, It’s not expensive.

No, not Ozone Cinema, you won’t pay through the nose just to see moving pictures. For as low as 500 naira you will enjoy a movie at the cinema. If it’s Friday and you are a student and the time is before 6pm, 500 naira will do the magic. Normally, to see movies here can go for as low as 800. If you are a child. But if you are old enough to feel butterflies in your stomach, you will pay a little more. 1000, if you are a student. (With a valid student ID card, phonetics won’t help you.) If you are no child and lightyears removed from school, it’s 1,500. Regular.

2, It’s on the mainland.

Some will say it’s in the Mainland. On or in, it has nothing to do with the Island. By default, people expect the best things to be on the island. The island-mainland dichotomy is not as irrelevant as you make it look. In extension, they expect the best cinemas to be on the island. They are, Silverbird, Genesis Deluxe, French Cultural, name them, on the Island. Ozone Cinema is not on the mainland.

It’s located in the popular E-Centre, 1-11 Commercial Avenue, Sabo, Yaba. It’s said to be the first multiplex cinema built on the mainland. Some say it is the best.

3, Ozone Cinema is on everyone’s top list of cinemas.

Then they are good. Do a Google search of the best cinemas in Lagos. You will see Ozone Cinema on all the lists. They are on TheInfoFinder’s “Top 5 Best Cinemas”, written in October 2015; they are on Nigerian Infopedia’s “Best Cinemas in Lagos, Nigeria: Top 7”; they are on awajis.com’s “List of Top Cinemas in Nigeria”, published in January 2018. Etc.

Etc. This is to say there are on many other lists but we don’t want to bother you with all the names of these sites. Nor, to say the truth, bother our self.

4, It is comfortable.

According to hotels.ng, this cinema has the distinction of not been overcrowded like most cinemas on the mainland. This is a good consideration if you want to be in a cinema without having the feeling of being in a football viewing centre, or, worse still, on a football field during a political rally or the funeral of a billionaire’s father.

5, Ozone Cinema has special offers.

If you have a birthday party or you know someone who is remembering the day they gatecrashed the earth, Ozone Cinema can be of help. You can book the cinema and have your bash. There is also room for group bookings. There is a discount for this plus free popcorn and drinks. Not all. With Ozone, you can also advertise on screen, if you want, or on the flyer.

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