Quickteller: Five Facts You Need to Know


Quickteller is Africa’s biggest African online payment system. Quickteller is so big that sometimes you don’t even know that you have used or are using Quickteller. But if you have paid your bills via mobile banking or made ATM transfers, then the odds heavily favour the fact that you have used Quickteller. How much of Quickteller do you? Not so much; no worries, here, we bring you five must-know facts about the payer.

1, They make paying bills easy

Bills are scary but they must be paid. Life can be very frustrating when your cable expires in the middle of a show especially. The thought of going out in the sun to subscribe, the thoughts of traffic jam, a wild conductor and stinking armpits are sobering. But with the Quickteller App you are covered. In a couple of seconds, you are back watching Tinsels or The Johnsons or UEFA Champions League. You don’t even need to have the Quickteller App to do this. You can log straight into your bank app using your phone and you will be billed. Quickteller makes it happen.

With Quickteller, you can buy airtime, book a flight, pay at the toll gate, buy movie tickets. No one wants stress and you can avoid the heavy queue of buying movie tickets at the cinema by using your Quickteller to book for movie tickets.

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Transferring fund is one aspect Quickteller serves the nation. The App allows you to transfer funds anytime including weekends. as with paying bills, you don’t need their App to do this. Using the ATM you can get to the section and get someone smiling in Jalingo, Soba, Okene or wherever the recipient is. Distance isn’t the problem; the name of the town doesn’t count. Your fund is almost totally certain of getting to its destination.

2, They have no hidden charges

So far, there is no cry on social media or elsewhere as to the charges of Quickteller. They charge N100 per transaction; fixed, irrespective of the amount in question. This, in normal climes, is not a big deal. But, in Nigeria, having dealt with the numerous heartaches of banks as regard to charges springing from nowhere, even you will agree that this is a big deal.

3. Quickteller provide social media payment

You know how it works with Payoneer, Skrill and other payers in which your email address serves as account number? Well, Quickteller is already there with social media. For now, they are only on BBM meaning you can pay someone using their BBM pin. According to the leadership of Quickteller, they are working to incorporate Whatsapp and Instagram into their system, meaning that you can pay someone using their Instagram handle and Whatsapp number.

4, They are an app of apps

Every bank has an app. If you use more than one bank which is granted in Nigeria, chances are that you have more than one bank application on your phone. You have to remember usernames, passwords, and codes. Sounds hectic. That is where Quickteller comes in. With the app, you can unify all your apps in one app from which you can carry out transactions. With this, you will only have to remember one password.

Is it normal now to say that banks are a competition to Quickteller? Quickteller disagrees. Last year, their marketing manager, Adetayo Teluwo said: “Banking applications are not competition but partners. Every bank has an app, if you use several banks; you end up with several apps, why not simply use Quickteller to marry them all since we are swift with inter and intrabank transfers?

Quickteller has the E-wallet section which secures your card details and remembers them for future use.  The E-wallet makes online shopping easy and faster. The idea behind the creation of this wallet is to store all your card details in one place. You can enable/disable your Verve card for usage overseas. Also, you can easily perform card-less transactions at the ATM.

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One advantage Quickteller has is that is secure. Quickteller’s website and app are encrypted. As long as you have a secure connection when doing transactions, any information you exchange is hidden from prying eyes. Quickteller uses industry-standard security features that you will expect from any large financial institution serious in the business of cash

5, They are owned by Nigerians

Are you surprised?

Quickteller parent company was founded in 2002 by Mitchell Elegbe. The company, in 2012, sold two-thirds of their stakes to Helios Investment Partners, a London based African-focus equity company but the company remains in the management of Nigerians with Mitchell Elegbe as the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Akeem Lawal as Divisional Chief Executive Officer, Switching and Processing Group and Charles Ifedi as Divisional Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Segments and Verve International.

Today, Interswitch has gone pan-African, buying up startups and enterprises in across Africa. Nigeria remains the boiling point of Quickteller, the company having successfully carried out financial transactions covering over 25 million users in Nigeria.

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