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Seun Osewa: Five Facts About Nairaland Founder


If you are active on nairaland, then the name Seun Osewa is known to you. Even if you are not active on Nairaland, Seun has attained a height in the internet space of Nigeria that his name ought to ring a bell. Here are five facts about the entrepreneur you need to know.

1. He is a school dropout

Born Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa in Sango Otta, Ogun State, in July 12, 1982, the blogger holds the distinction of being a school dropout in a land where university degrees have sort of become the minimum requirement for anyone who intends to be taken seriously in virtually every field they venture into. Seun Osewa was in Obafemi Awolowo University where he studied electrical engineering. He didn’t finish because he didn’t have to. His interest and turn outs in what would later become Nairaland needed his full attention. He had to let something go. He chose his degree and today, after watching Nairaland become something in the cusp of Nigerian Google, this proved to be the right decision.

2. Seun Osewa has had his failures

The first business idea Seun Osewa floated and executed was web hosting. After three months, due to lack of fund the business lost air and sank into the bottom of the sea. It would take the programmer two years to return into the tech field. In this time, he had a day job which didn’t please him as his mind was on the net.
He returned to his field in 2005 with three forums. Such was his status then that he couldn’t afford the 2000 naira (about 15 dollars then) required for his sites hosting. A family friend had to help him in that regard. The forums included one for students in tertiary institutions to have discussions and compare notes, another for discussion on programming and other IT packages and the third was for discussions on the fast moving GSM industry known as

Two of the forums didn’t do well but Seun Osewa was compensated by the performance of whose off topic sections where outperforming the original topics of GSM. Osewa decided to expand the site to cover more topics. Nairaland was born.

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Seun’s target was said to be to make 60 thousand naira monthly from his Nairaland. This turned out to be a low estimation for his site which raked in as much as six million monthly from Google AdSense (Seun will later leave AdSense and sell ads directly to customers when Google banned his site in 2012 due to its high content of sexual contents. A blessing as Nairaland now boasts more earnings directly than they have with Google.)

3. Seun Osewa is worth a ton

According to Seun Osewa is worth five million dollars which is nearly two billion naira. This might be more or less as the site calculated only the earnings that come from Nairaland ads. This calculation doesn’t put expenses into consideration nor does it include the total value of Nairaland which is valued at about two million dollars.

4. The Nairaland CEO is a shy one

He stays away from limelight as much as he can. He won’t be caught at society events where people flaunt materials from the kind of car they drive to the kind of watch they wear. Seun Osewa lives in Otta, a testament to the fact that he doesn’t need to belong. Perhaps the biggest pointer of his shy personality came in 2014 when his name was included in The Future Award Best 100 List in Nigeria. This was an avenue to meet the President in Aso Rock, something most people would cherish and gloat about. Not Seun whose only statement on the recognition was a Facebook comment: “Oh, it’s a good list because I saw my name there.”

5. Seun Osewa is an atheist

According to and trumpeted by many Nairaland posts, Seun Osewa identifies as an atheist. He was born into a Christian home. If he still is a Christian, he would have made the effort, no matter how half-hearted to deny this rumour. He hasn’t. This is Nigeria where silent is automated as consent. In an ideal setting, Seun Osewa doesn’t have to deny or affirm this, his right to freedom of worship and privacy are sacrosanct. However, since the rumour surfaced, Osewa hasn’t been caught in any act as little as attending a church service that would disprove this rumour. All indications leans to the direction that he might really identify as an atheist.

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