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Sisi Yemmie: Five Facts For You


Sisi Yemmie is one of the three or four top female bloggers in Nigeria. Even when all the genders are put in the mix, she makes the top ten bloggers list. Born Yemisi Sophie Aiyedun, Sisi Yemmie is that blogger that has inspired many. Here are five facts for her.

1. Sisi Yemmie is a Yankee-returnee

She was in the United Kingdom for her post-graduate studies. By the way, the blogger is when educated. Whatever way you define a well-learned person, Sisi Yemmie ticks the boxes. She studied Mass Communications in the University of Igbinedion, Okada. Done with this, Sisi Yemmie left for the University of Birmingham where she obtained an MA in International Diplomacy. In addition to this, she got a Diploma in internal Communication from PR Academy in London.

After her studies, Sisi Yemmie stayed back in the UK where she worked in a bank. She wasn’t satisfied with her job to the point of frustration so she returned home. She continued to blog at her pace and only got gainful employment when she became a social media manager for an organisation, a job she did for over a year before going into full-time blogging.

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2. Her husband gave her the idea of blogging

He who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtained favour before the Lord. Except your name is Sisi Yemmie, then when you find a husband you have found a new line of business and obtained the idea to become a blogger. According to Sisi Yemmie in an interview with the Punch Newspaper in 2017 that her husband gave her the idea. Yomi Odunsaya was her boyfriend in 2011 when the idea of blogging came to him. Sisi loves writing, editing and posting online he felt this is the best thing for her. So Sisi Yemmie became a blogger.

It wasn’t an instant blast. Things were so bad she thought “of letting go”. “I was writing funny stories,” she said; “then I realized I couldn’t sustain it for long, so I decided to rebrand, adding different sections as I go along.” Even though her blog started making money for her, it was, in her words, peanuts. Then she got her break, in 2014, when she got the endorsement for Maggi Online Ambassador, a recognition of her cuisine skills and a source of her first million.

Besides the concept, Sisi Yemmie mentions that her husband is her biggest impact to her blog. He is the behind-the-scenes person and holds sway for her when she writes, edits and films.

Sisi and hubby

3. She has been featured on CNN

Kini big deal? CNN. Big deal. In a country where a handshake with Obama is a billboard achievement a country where Big Brother housemate status makes one a state achiever, a blogger featuring in one of the most influential cable TVs on earth is the deal. In November 2017 CNN came knocking. They came to her house. She took them around, showed them her crew, her baby, her husband whom she calls Bobo and generally flaunt her stuff. They even covered her cooking – frying akara even.

Presidents go to CNN to be interviewed. CNN came to her house to watch Sisi Yemmie live her life.

4. Sisi Yemmie is an all-rounder

Sisi Yemmie is a blogger. Her blog does nearly everything. Lifestyle seems to be the primary. There are many secondaries. There is a section for careers, mummy’s talk, recipes, reviews. She is also magnanimous in that her blog has rooms for other bloggers to grow. Blogs such as Ladun Liadi’s blog, Qismat Yinus’ blog, Bella Naija, Babble, the Vegan Nigerian, the Budget Savvy Diva et cetra.

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Besides blogging, Sisi Yemmie is into Vlogging with an impressive following on YouTube. She is social media promotor with influence in Instagram where she has nearly 100 thousand followers with sizeable engagement. She is equally an editor of the Nigerian arm of Cosmopolitan Magazine, a women, fashion and beauty magazine. According to Hearts Magazines International owners of Cosmopolitan Magazine, “If we can make this work in Nigeria, then there’s a handful of other countries in that region that should be easy to follow.” Sisi Yemmie is entrusted with making this happen. She may fair well. She is an all-rounder.

5. Sisi Yemmie is an award-winning blogger

Sisi Yemmie’s blog has fetched her numerous awards. She has won a handful of awards in the Nigerian Blog Awards such as Most Unique Voice in a Blog, Best Personal Blog, Blog of the Year and Most Humourous Blog. In 2015, Sisi Yemmie won Blogger of the Year in the City People Entertainment Awards.

Perhaps her most cherished award is the one unseen, in the hearts of the tens of thousands of Nigerians who love and appreciate what she is doing.


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