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Spotless Miles: Five Fast Facts About Tekno’s Musician-Brother


His parents called him Augustine Uche Miles, on stage he is just Spotless. Spotless Miles is a rising star whose only reference was being Tekno Mile’s kid brother. Then he hit the industry with a featured verse in Wizkid’s hit single “Soco”. “You make a man wanna smoke cannabis,” he sang and won a ton of fans. Now people are asking, Who is Spotless? Here are five facts about the artiste.

1. He is signed by MockingBird Records

Spotless is signed to Mockingbird music label. In an interview with Pulse TV which is on record as one of his most detailed media chats, Spotless considered signing for Mocking Bird Records as the best thing to happen to his career. Mockingbird Record is the brainchild of Adegboyega Ogunlesi popularly known as Adey Ogunlesi. Adey launched this company in May 2016 after being in the industry for more than six years as a producer which he started at the age of 21. In this time, Adey has produced music for both heavyweights in the industry such as Tiwa Savage and Sarkodie and middleweights such as Danny Krane, Boj and Saucekid.

While Mockingbird has other artistes, Spotless Miles is the central figure in their list of artiste. He was unveiled the same day the company was launched at the Qtaby Events party titled “Cruize & Chills” and the performance of his then-new song “Take Am” marked the climax of the occasion

2. Spotless Miles doesn’t want to make music with his brother

“We have a very strong relationship,” the artiste said when asked about his relationship with his brother. “As regards to family,” he added. He also admitted that so far Tekno’s input in his career is mostly on the basis of advice and verbal encouragement. He didn’t sound very enthusiastic talking about Tekno. He is even less enthusiastic about working with Tekno. He was clear about this, he doesn’t want to work with Tekno. For now.

“I have to discover myself,” he said. “I don’t want to hide under the success of my brother and be known. I will say I have to find myself first, I have to discover myself, I want to make an impact.”

“No man is an island,” said a famous English poet. Without sounding philosophical, this is a fact many in the upstart level of art understand. Spotless Miles also understands this as he featured Olamide in his single and is on record for saying “Working with Olamide is what everybody would like” and thanking Olamide for the impact the collaboration had on his career. “Olamide is an amazing person. He is super talented.”

Replace “Olamide” with “Tekno” and you will see that the artiste’s own blood has all the qualities he appreciates in Olamide. And Tekno is good at helping artistes launch their careers. He wrote and featured in DJ Cuppy’s “Greenlight”. He wrote “If” for Davido and had produced songs for other A-list arts including Wizkid.

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Tekno is the kind of artiste Spotless Miles needs helping him beyond “keep pushing” counsel. If Spotless is not seeing this or just choosing not to admit it, then perhaps their relationship is not what he would want the world to believe it is.

3. His first song “Take Am” came out in 2016

While you might have first heard of Spotless when he sang appeared in Wizkid’s “Soco”, the artiste started music long before that. He had made and released songs before “body o body o” although he admits that “Take Am” featuring Olamide is the official song he had released as the other ones were done when he was yet without a label and didn’t get to give the songs the push they required.

Click here to download the song.

4. The artiste does more than just sing

Besides singing, Spotless is equally totally immensed in music being an expert in the drum, the keyboard and the guitar. Besides the instrument, the artiste is a producer and songwriter. According to hi,m he had being in the game of producing and writing songs for artistes long before his debut in the studio. And he is not just in the shores of Nigeria with these talents as he has produced and written songs for musicians oversea. He wouldn’t name this musicians which might be him being modest or, unlikely but possible, him trying to pad his CV. Something unnnecessary considering his big impact behind the mic.

5. Spotless Miles is the last in a musical family of eight

Spotless Miles came from a family of music and this is not because of his brother’s prowess. In fact, his brother Tekno is also a beneficiary of the musical atmosphere present in the family. “I came from a family where my dad really loves music,” Spotless told Pulse TV. Not just that their father loves music, he did beyond that. “He made sure we had musical equipment when we were growing up. We played with these things as toys.”

Now in adulthood, Spotless Miles has taken music professionally and echoing today a sound that was integreted into him when he was just a boy growing up among his parents, four brothers and one sister in the military barracks of Bauchi, Nassarawa, Kaduna and Abuja.

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