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Stella Dimoko Korkus: Five Fast Facts You Need to Know


Stella Dimoko Korkus is a household name in the Nigerian blogosphere. She is among the four or five most influential bloggers in Nigeria so much that she has now become a subject of news herself. What do you know about her? A lot, or a little. Either way, here are five facts about Stella Dimoko you need to know.

1, No one knows Stella Dimiko’s real age

No one. Perhaps, her husband, parents, besties and head teacher from primary school know her age. The rest don’t know. No smart journalist has yet unearthed her birth certificate where she hides it. The only thing that is known about her age, which she permits (she has no choice) is her August 22 birthday.

Her age is not the only thing that is unknown about the blogger. She hides her family from the public. The number of kids she has is not public knowledge, nor is her lifestyle. Interesting, if not ironic, that a popular gossip blogger could keep the nose of bloggers off her personal life and block the glare of prying public of a social media era, could successfully make a success off nosing into other people’s business but successfully keep from being such object.

2, Stella Dimiko blogs from Germany

Stella blogs from Dortmund, Germany where she lives with her husband, Mr. Stephan Korkus, and Family since 2004. She says it is not easy blogging in Germany while managing the family but that she loves what she does. She will love what she does; if she doesn’t feel like, all she does have to do is look at her bank statement. If she does, she does.

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Her husband, whom she got married to in 2003, is said to be cool with what she does and even supports her when he finds time from his busy schedule.

3, Stella Dimiko was with Hint

Remember Hint, the magazine that told true-life and allegedly true-life stories of romantic heartache, disappointment, betrayal etc and entertainment news, stories and gossip. No, Stella wasn’t part of the main writers who dazzled Nigerians in the 1990s and early 2000s, she was a news reporter, but she was there and it obviously counts for her experience today.

Stella Dimoko
Stella poses with her blog

Writing wasn’t Stella’s dream job (at first). She wanted a job in the banking industry. Her wish, no one’s commandment, not in the 1990s with graduates already overweighing the markets. Her writing came to her aid and she got a job at Hint. She also later worked for the magazine Enconium. Stella Dimoko didn’t stay long in Enconium or any other print media houses she worked for. She later became a freelancer, writing news stories for online sites. It was this work that gave Stella the idea of starting her own site – was born.

4, Stella Dimiko Korkus blog is a jack of all trade.

Master of some. She does news of politicians, entertainers and celebrities; general gossip and rumours; events, lifestyle and fashion. She equally blogs fiction, rants and random posts which she tags In House News (IHN). The blog shortened as SDK is a champion of abbreviation as you will see stuff such as WNB (Wedding Night Brouhaha), LRD (Labour Room Drama) etc.

While having plenty categories and doing nearly everything on the blog would be enough for others, it isn’t for Stella. She has to run the blog as a bilingual one, featuring a section for German language tagged”Impressum”.

5, Stella Dimoko has her share of controversies.

Blogging, most especially the type that the likes of Stella Dimoko, Sisi Yemmie and Linda Ikeji does, is largely synonymous with controversy. Of her many fights with public figures pushing back, the one with Lanre Nzeribe, Monalisa Chinda’s then-boyfriend who threatened the blogger with a 500 million naira lawsuit over an unflattering news story about him stands out.

Stella Dimoko has a not-as-healthy-as-they-claim rivalry with Linda Ikeji. She once gave Linda Ikeji a veiled jab when she claimed that Linda Ikeji was inexperienced, unlike her (Stella Dimoko) who has a history in journalism. She reckoned she has to, by virtue of her past record, do better than Linda. So far, however, the stats heavily favours the one with no background in journalism. Notably, both bloggers studied English in the university. Linda in University of Lagos and Stella Dimoko in the University of Benin where she bagged a third class degree.

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