Terri Ryn: Five Things We Know About The Upcoming Star


Starboy Records new signing, Terri Ryn is not a name that turns heads in the industry or quicken heartbeats, for now. If what we have seen of him are an indication then it won’t take a generation for the star to have a breakthrough. Prophecies aside, here are all the things you need to know about the boy.

1. Wizkid met Terri Ryn on Instagram

What do you think of Social Media? To some it is a place to spend time and kill boredom; to others, it is a place to catch the latest trend and torment themself for been broke; and, some go online to massage to post heavily photoshopped pics that uplifts their ego. Whatever, Terri Ryn thinks differently of Social Media and he has the signature of Wizkid on his contract and career to show for this. Wizkid found him on Instagram.

The 2nd of December, 2017 was a normal day for many of us. It was the day that changed Terri Ryn’s life. So Terri Ryn uploaded a cover video done by him of DJ Jimmy Jatt and Wizkid’s “Oshe” on Istagram and tagged nearly the handles of the Who is Who of the industry. The post caught many people’s eyes. Some pair of eyes mattered more than others’ and when Wizkid liked what he saw, a new chapter was opened for Terri.

“Welcome Terry_Ryn to the #Starboy Family,” Wizkid tweeted in February. “Tagged me on Instagram December 2, now starboy gang. Daddy yo got you! Y’all follow him.”

Even the most adamant statisticians will struggle to fully calculate the riot going on with Wizkid’s notification right now. We are no statisticians, we have no clue, we don’t care. Terri Ryn,  too, doesn’t care. He has gotten what he wants. Let Troy burn.

2. Terri Ryn is a graduate of University of Lagos

While Wizkid referred to Terry Ryn as “Young Terri Ryn” in his tweet introducing the artiste to his gang and many bloggers have made ample reference to his youth, Terri is not that young. While we are still digging about him and have no information (yet) as regards his real age, the Lagos-born, Edo indegene is not as young as he is a graduate of the University of Lagos.

If you have ever been beaten by Unilag mosquitoes, you can’t be that young.

3. “Soco” is the first official song Terri Ryn has ever been involved in

When he dropped the post on Instagram that got him signed by Wizkid, Terri Ryn said the post was a curtain raiser for his single “Voices” coming out on Christmas Day. Christmas has come and voices are unheard of. The endeavour might have been overtaken by the events leading to and the actual signing of the star to Starboy Entartainment. Which means the new signing has no music to his name. Until “Soco”.

“Girl you know what the doctor do,” he sang in the first verse; “Shilo forming show mi ettitude.” For all that it is, Terri might be referring to himself and his career. “Guy you know what Nigerian fans do. Stop forming us ettitude” and release bangers. We wait.

4. Terri Ryn is not the only unknown artiste signed by Starboy Entertainment

It has become a silent norm for big stars to take a chance on an artiste they plucked street from the street. The usual was for arts to hustle in obscruity, manage to raise money, make a song, toil and push this song in radio stations and lick the ass of MCs, DJs and events promoters. There are hundreds upon hundreds of musicians in this stage right now. There is also a hope that they can hit breakthrough if they some big artiste stumble on them. Flavour met Semah G. Weifur in an orphanage in Liberia and signed him. Davido met Mayorkun on Twitter and signed him. For Terri Ryn, it was Instagram.

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It wasn’t just Terri Ryn that Wizkid took such gamble with. There was Ahmed before Terri. Ahmed was an unknown twelve year old boy who literary smuggled his way on stage where he wowed the audience and Wizkid. Wizkid signed him and gave him ten million naira to “bath up” and we haven’t heard of the boy again.

5. The artiste wore rags on set of “Soco”

He wore a long sleeve orange shirt on set of “Soco” where he sang the first verse. Perhaps this is to demostrated his roots which are not exactly paved with silver and gold. Whatever hidden metaphor they wanted to score with his appearance might be lost in the sea of the accolades that have besieged the song so far.

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