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Tonto Dikeh: Five Lesser Known Facts About The Star


Tonto Dikeh. One word, beauty; another word, sexy; another word, controversy; one last word, drama. Two words, iron lady. Tonto Dike is a stuff for encyclopedia pages. No, we dare not dwell on her many dramas. We would rather bring you five lesser-known facts, about the River-born actress. Some will say, a failed musician, but they are haters. Ignore them. Here are the facts you might not know about her.

1. Tonto Dikeh started smoking at the age of 13

Born on June 9 1985, TontoWogu Charity Dike is a Nigerian actress and ex-singer. A native of Ikwere in Rivers State. She studied Petrochemical Engineering at the University of Port Harcourt. Having lost her mum when she was just three, she was raised by her step mother. She became a popular figure on the screen after competing in the TV show titled “The Next Movie Star”, coming second, earning her a role in the movie “Holy Cross” which she starred alongside Veteran actor Pete Edochie and Jim Iyke.

Earlier, at the age of thirteen, at the age when other girls are just climbing the world of sanitary pads and tampons, and stuff, Tonto has already become a tobacco lover. If she was influenced by peers or abused into it, it is hard to tell but Tonto Dike took her cigarette skills to the university, and then film locations. In 2012, the star announced on Twitter that she had quit smoking on Twitter claiming that the prayer of Pastor T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all nations healed her through her TV station Emmanuel TV.

“I’ve good news for those who wish me well,” she tweeted. “I quit smoking!”

Has Tonto Dikeh smoked since that fateful day? We don’t think so but if they take you before a shrine, don’r swear on it.

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2, She has 58 Tattoos

It is no secret that Tonto’s body is marred with tattoos of myriad shapes and letters but you may have underestimated the quantities – they are a legion. 58. As of the last count which is 2015, which is a long time ago. She had come out to announce adding her 58th tattoo saying she went through excruciating pains to get it because it means so much to her. The tattoo is an image of a rosary with the writing “Emmanuel”. Sounds like someone wants to tattoo her name on the book of life.

Tonto Dikeh
On her traditional wedding day

At a close guess, Tonto has crossed the sixty-tattoo mark. Recently she mentioned that she was considering having a tattoo of her son’s face on her body in no distant time. No distance time might have already past.

3, She was once Suicidal

In August 2015, she had a shotgun marriage to one of Olusegun Obasanjo’s erstwhile sons Oludunni Obasanjo  Churchill which ended after 17 months with a baby boy she delivered in America. It wasn’t a quiet ending, this marriage. For a long time, Tonto Dikeh and her husband traded accusations. Tonto claimed to have suffered domestic violence and humiliation. On his part, the husband claimed Tonto once threatened him with a knife, that once she becomes violent it is impossible to restrain her.

This is where the story ended for many people. It didn’t end there for the screen-queen. After her marriage and the circus match of the social media, she was depressed so much that she considered taking her own life more than once. Tonto has since come out of this, posting on Facebook that she was only saved by the power of God and urging people to support depressed people. She was once suicidal, but by the virtue of her post, she might have saved someone’s life. Anyone.

4. She once Dressed like a man to play the role of her son’s father

You might call Tonto Dikeh fearless and bold and it won’t be unjustified. After her marriage ended with her husband, she dusted herself clean after crying and started playing the role of both father and mother to her son. Her son’s school organized a Fathers Days event and the beautiful actress dressed like a man in a caftan plus a fake beard to match and turned up at the event. When the picture came out online, it was met with outrage and abuses. If this bothered Tonto, she didn’t show it.


Recently, a picture she took with her husband appeared online where the two went for their son’s two years birthday party in school. If they are trying to get back together, we may never know.

5. She founded The Tonto Dikeh Foundation

Tonto Dike is among the ladies who try to give back to the society. Outside her marital woes and her unsuccessful stint with music, Tonto has scored points in other fields. She has a foundation that takes care of raped victims, domestically abused women and orphans. The Tonto Dikeh Foundation is at the forefront of giving support to young girls who had been molested or assaulted in any form, restoring hope to such young girls by providing help to them, from antenatal to their postnatal period, mentoring them so they can fit into the society again with a new sense of hope and a fresh shot at life. With this her foundation, you can say, no dare saying, that Tonto is serving humanity.

Tonto Dike who will turn 33 on June 9th is currently asking God for a baby girl. Does it mean she’s thinking of another marriage? Only thou knowest.


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